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  "Come Home Safe" Program.



The "Come Home Safe" Program was specifically designed and implemented by Geosearch to simplify the increasingly complicated safety protocols and policies that Geosearch personnel are required to understand and follow.  The purpose of the program is to motivate all Geosearch employees to take pride in their corporate health and safety program and stay focused on those specific Standing Orders that are designed to keep all workers safe.


Scope and Application


The "Come Home Safe" Program establishes the Seven Standing Orders for Safety that all Geosearch employees are required to know and follow.  Understanding of the Seven Standing Orders for Safety will be constantly reinforced through posters, stickers, banners , regular training and safety meetings, and through direct communication between supervisors and field workers.  Employees that do not follow the seven Standing Orders for Safety may be subject to progressive discipline.  The "Come Home Safe" program is summerized below.






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