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Wachusett Dam Piezometer Project
Geosearch advanced multiple piezometers to depths of 100’ to 110’. Drilling was completed by angle drilling,
drive and wash casing, air hammer and roller bit. Angel locations required drilling through the base of the dam. In order to keep the site clean all cuttings and water were diverted to a frac tank located onsite.

Military Facility in Upstate New York
Geosearch completes (96) 6" and (25) 2” wells all to 55’. Due to the large volume of excess soils, it was collected by skid steer and moved to a roll off container on site. Geosearch crews needed to complete a mandatory driver safety training and health and safety training, because of the close proximity of well locations to facility runway.

Packer Testing Project
Geosearch completes multiple packer tests in existing 4” open bedrock well. Client wanted to perform a four zone straddle packer test at 15' spread intervals. Purge and collect water samples. All excess collected purge water was contained in drums.

Indoor Drilling Project at a Large Commercial Facility in Tewksbury, MA
Inside building with 15' clearance and garage door access, (28) 2" PVC Injection Wells to 50' with drive and was 5" casing, inside building with 15' clearance and garage door access, exhaust equipment was in place up to 300'-350'.

Recent Field Pictures

24" HDPE Subsurface Collection Gallery for Chemical Landfill

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